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Layne Bonvillain, LCSW, LAC

Treating Psychiatric and Substance Use Disorders

                                   ADULT & ADOLESCENT SERVICES

My mission is to make counseling and treatment services available to anyone in need. I will work with you to make treatment as affordable as possible and I do my best to turn no one away who sincerely wants help. Please browse the website and call to learn more about the services offered.

Counseling Philosophy
I believe that the counseling process is a journey of self-discovery. Through counseling, the client and I will work together to explore the client’s inner world with the goal of increasing self-awareness, identifying and implementing cognitive and behavioral changes that will improve the quality of a client’s life.

I believe most people seeking counseling do so because they are simply unhappy with some aspect of their lives. Counseling becomes an exploration for 'barriers to happiness' such as old patterns that no longer serve us, a lack of fulfillment, self-judgment; in short, discovering specific thoughts and actions that are keeping us from feeling good about ourselves, engaging in healthy relationships, being of service to others, and developing an 'effective' spirituality. I see my role as one who guides, encourages and offers *confrontation when needed to help a client become honest with her/him self. Honesty is a necessity if one is to develop the skills, resources and experiences that can lead to a happier and fulfilling life.

Regarding Substance Use Disorders - Treatment & Recovery
I believe, as the American Society of Addiction Medicine and the American Medical Association has identified, that substance use disorders, or alcoholism/addictions, are complex disorders that are characterized by 'abnormal' physical and mental functioning. With effectively treatment and the client's willingness to take certain steps, any client will recover and be restored to excellent mental, emotional, and physical health. They will recover and that's a promise.

I rarely treat a client for substance abuse or some form of compulsive disorder, who does not also suffer with some degree of mood disturbance. But often the mood disturbance is secondary to compulsive alcohol/drug use and obsessive thinking, so after complete abstinence and sobriety is achieved, progress can be made toward resolution of mood problems.

Substance use disorders are progressive and will worsen, possibly to death, without effective treatment along with a positive attitude and outlook that includes:

1.  A willingness on the part of the client to be honest, and in some cases, what feels like harsh confrontation, about the client's denial about the impact that substance use, along with destructive thoughts and behaviors are having upon their lives.      
2.  A client's commitment to abstinence from alcohol/drugs and participation in a 12 Step Recovery Program if he/she is a "real alcoholic or addict."

*Regarding confrontation: Recovery is a life or death issue and honesty is indispensable, so confrontation of irrational thinking and the resulting behavior is necessary. In treatment your therapists "care more about your life and survival than they do about your feelings" so know that all confrontation is about love, not aggression.


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