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Layne Bonvillain, LCSW, LAC

Treating Psychiatric and Substance Use Disorders


Domestic Violence Program
12 - 26 Weekly Sessions
Addressing Physical, Sexual, Property & Psychological Violence

The primary concerns of this program are two-fold: the safety of individual victims and the safety and well-being of our community as a whole.

This program is designed to assist perpetrators of domestic violence and abuse stop all violent and threatening behaviors and to become non-abusive and non-threatening in relationships

It is designed around the Duluth Model and a California State Model, then formatted to satisfy Louisiana State laws and practice regarding domestic violence.

How to Sign Up for Domestic Violence Program
If you have been court ordered to complete a program for a domestic violence charge, then the one day Anger Management class will not satisfy that order.
First, you will need to call the office and schedule an assessment; it will determine the number of domestic violence groups you will need to complete.
Then you will begin attending the weekly Domestic Violence Program group.

Basic Requirements
The offender must be willing to participate in all sessions, to abstain from the use of alcohol and all other non-prescribed substances, and to cooperate with the policies and rules of the program.

Administrative Discharge
Immediate discharge and removal from the property by law enforcement will occur if an offender displays violence, threats of violence or other abusive conduct while at the facility.

Program Overview
The offender must learn to take sole responsible for violent behavior and must acknowledge the need to avoid blaming a victim for the abusive behavior.

This program addresses key areas that an offender must learn to modify behavior in order to become compliant with Louisiana State law and practice regarding domestic violence and abuse  

Offenders may be required to wear a GPS tracking and monitoring device for a period of time if the need is identified by the assessment or by order of the court, probation, or diversion program. The GPS can be set to alert tracking staff for specific perimeter boundary violations, and to notify law enforcement and/or a victim if the offender is within dangerously close proximity to the victim.

Key Points

  • Louisiana State law and practice regarding domestic violence
  • Negative legal and social consequences for domestic violence offenders
  • Definitions of abuse, battering and domestic violence
  • Descriptions of all forms of violence including: physical abuse; emotional and sexual abuse; economic manipulation or domination; stalking; terrorizing someone or threatening him or her; acts that put the safety of the partners of group members, children, pets, other family members or friends at risk
  • Belief systems that allow and support family and community violence and/or the use of violence or threat of violence to establish power and control over an intimate partner
  • The impact of abuse and battering on children and incompatibility of domestic violence and abuse with responsible parenting
  • Necessity of meeting financial and legal obligations to family members and making direct or indirect amends and/or restitution to any victims of violence
  • Cognitive and behavioral techniques to behave in non-abusive or non-controlling ways
  • Offender will develop a Personal Responsibility Plan and demonstrate willingness to discontinue the use of power and control over the victim

Education & Group Therapy
Lectures - Videos - Homework - Group Process Work

  • Louisiana State law and practice regarding domestic violence
  • Staying out of the “victim” position
  • Individual, cultural, and family dynamics of domestic violence
  • Spirituality, love, respect, and empathy
  • Self-care
  • Time-outs
  • Relaxation skills
  • Self-talk regarding belief systems, rational thinking, and trigger thoughts
  • Parenting skills
  • Financial obligations and responsibilities
  • Open communication skills
  • Assertive communication skills
  • Conflict resolution skills

To Schedule Your Assessment
Call (318) 865-0039

Bossier City Program
Tuesdays at 7PM
Bossier City Office Park

Shreveport Program
Thursdays 7PM
The Quadrangle Office Center

Insurance plans typically will not pay for this type of program, but we will provide a statement to clients who desire to seek reimbursement from their own insurance company.